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Version: 2.0.0


Steps to install zensor in Debian:

  1. Run the terminal of your system using Ctrl+Alt+T

  2. Run the Install via CLI command starting with [curl -so] that is for installation of Zensor.


  1. Then run the following commands one after the other:
    • sudo systemctl daemon-reload
    • sudo systemctl enable zensor-agent
    • sudo systemctl start zensor-agent


Installation alerts

⚠ Error: The results are not shown after the installation

  1. Use the sudo systemctl status zensor-agent command to check for the status.

  2. If the status shows failed, run this command sudo cat /var/ossec/etc/ossec.conf.

  3. Go to address under the ossec-config to check for manager IP. If the value in it is invalid or different than the CLI command, correct it accordingly, using the nano /var/ossec/etc/ossec.conf command.

If the above steps don’t work and issue persists, follow the commands given below in order to check the logs and solve the error:

  1. tail -f /var/ossec/log/ossec.log

  2. Removing and reinstalling zensor agent:

    (i) apt-get remove –purge zensor-agent

    (ii) systemctl disable zensor-agent

    (iii) systemctl daemon-reload

  3. Last step, repeat the installation process as given in the Zensor Installation Documentation